Hard To Exist

by The Weight We Carry



Saturday September 3rd at The Pillar (46 Mt. Hope Ave. Rochester NY)
We will be shooting a live music video for our song "Believer" off our upcoming E.P. "Hard To Exist" $5 at the door and all proceeds go to help fund The Pillar. Learn the words, tell your friends, and come party with us.


released August 19, 2016



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The Weight We Carry Rochester, New York

4 piece, Working Class Hardcore band, from Rochester Ny

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Track Name: Believer
Close your eyes so you don't see the lies
Ear's closed so you don't hear the truth
Live in a fantasy, far from reality
Purposely ignoring the truth, that's so plain to see
Go through life with your eyes wide shut
Its like screaming at a wall, and I've had enough
How far you gonna bury the truth
Not long until your hands our tied
Times up, now you lose
Because the truth is the truth
There ain't a fucking thing you're gonna do
Stretching lies for as long as it takes
But now they're wearing thin, and the whole world thinks you're a fake
Tried your best, but it all caught up
Its time to open your eyes, and shut the fuck up
To long you were blind to the truth
Felt safe behind your curtain of lies
Picked your path, now you lose
Because to chose to believe, the lies that were told to you
Believer of lies
In exchange for nothing